L’Amour Fait Mal [The Dark Scene 7]

Title: The Dark Scene (Ep. 07: L’Amour Fait Mal)
Authors: D’Boy Je t’adore & Jack Frost (The Berlin Collective)
Genre: Gothic rock; Darkwave; Coldwave; Post-punk; Synthpop; Futurepop
Issued: January 16th 2023
Length: 2 hr; 13 min; 26 sec
Size: 305 MB

“Take my breath away

There is nothing beyond my control
Oh baby tell me, what’s your deepest desire?
I’ll wreck the temple to please your soul
Pleasure is the sole law

There’s no limit, anything goes
As we’re fighting the void of existence
You’re an ally, not the enemy
But sex is war

Take my breath away

Let’s make love, wild and rough
For tomorrow we die
When you do it right
L’amour fait mal
Let’s get close, let’s get lost
In each other tonight
This could be so easy
But we’re gonna make it hard
From the cradle to the coffin
Oh, it’s just bleeding and passing time
Pain is pleasure
And pleasure is the law
Anything goes …” (Wisborg)

01. Wisborg – L’Amour Fait Mal (This Eternal Decay Remix)
02. Deus Ex Lumina – Fight Back
03. Grimdeluxe – No Love
04. Astari Nite – Bowie in Daydreams
05. Death Comes Crawling – The Past is Calling
06. Pillhs Castle – Pain
07. Iamnoone – Kind of Pain
08. Wisborg – Words Like Violence
09. The Neuro Farm – New Dawn Fades (Joy Division cover)
10. Blackrabit – Envy
11. Death Comes Crawling – O’ Adrasteia (Single)
12. Silent Runners – Nothing Stays the Same
13. Vogon Poetry – Time (Mystic Experience Remix) (ft. Social Ambitions)
14. Rotersand – Higher Ground (Unrestrained Remix)
15. Priest – Personal Jesus
16. Beborn Beton – Dancer In The Dark
17. Hype – Your Kind
18. Zanias – Simulation
19. Beyond Obsession – Black White Hearts
20. Alienare – Freedom
21. Gottdammerung – Common Existence (Electronic Control Mix)
22. Brigade Enzephalon – Superhelden (Ruined Conflict Remix)
23. Leaether Strip – Last Station
24. Werner Karloff – Sons of Snake
25. Monoplastic Shape – Hyperactivity
26. Vogon Poetry – Milliways (Mystic Experience Remix)
27. Joon – Just Can’t Get Enough
28. Strange Tales – Fading Out
29. Merry Chicklit – Feuer speit das Ungeheuer (Nature of Wires Remix)
30. Fatal Casualties – I keep falling (ft. Stephen Mallinder)
31. Nuda – Trigger
32. Midnight Eyes – Inside
33. Ronan Conroy – Dark Paradise [Lana Del Rey cover]